Access To Birth Control Help Teen Pregnancy Drop To Historically Low Levels

Teen PregnancyThere’s no more effective way to reduce the occurrence of unwanted teen pregnancy than information about and access to effective birth control methods.

Don’t take our word for it; a study released just this month by non-profit reproductive health group the Guttmacher Institute shows that teen pregnancy rates are at their lowest point in three decades — a decline seen in every state and across every ethnic and racial group. And while researchers have known for some time that teens were having fewer babies than they were during a peak in the 1990s, the new study shows clearly that it’s due to fewer of them becoming pregnant in the first place.

The study’s authors put most of the credit for this decline with efforts by gynecologists and others to help teens have available all the educational resources and contraceptive services they need; there are numerous birth control options out there, some of which are more appropriate and effective for some women more than others.

One of the advantages of visiting an OBGYN is that a woman’s entire health picture is considered when advising one form of birth control over another; what’s appropriate for a woman later in life may not be the most effective form of birth control when trying to precent a teen pregnancy. For example, permanent birth control options may make sense when a woman is convinced she does not ever want to have children, but for younger women who want to keep options open there are numerous highly effective birth control options that can have nearly 100% efficacy but have no lasting permanent effect upon a women’s fertility.

The most important service we offer is information; to learn more about your birth control options at any time in your life, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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