Birth Control At The OBGYN: Options For Women

OBGYN1101When it comes to going to the OBGYN, Macon women know they’ll have opportunities to discuss whatever health and wellness issues they think are relevant; and in matters of general gynecology, Macon patients generally feel most comfortable with professional consultation.

Importantly, patients should recognize that their OBGYN is also an invaluable resource for information about options in birth control Macon women might find most appropriate for their needs. It’s critical, however, to be completely honest about your contraceptive goals and medical history, because there is no “one size fits all” solution for everyone’s birth control.

For example, there’s the matter of lifestyle and medical history. Someone who has an increased risk for blood clots (such as a regular smoker) should not by any means use birth control pills due to the medical risk involved; yet those same pills are perfectly safe for most healthy non-smokers.

There are also some forms of birth control which are more effective than others — and many that are not reversible, e.g. if the woman is interested in having children later in life (but not right now) they will need to consider different options than those who have already had all the children they want to — even if that number happens to be zero.

Finally, there are birth control options that allow a certain amount of spontaneity with regard to when you can have sex; in addition, “emergency” contraception is available that’s meant to prevent pregnancy even after having sex without using birth control. The general rule of thumb is that, while there are some options after, the best solution for most women is to prevent pregnancy by having protected sex; there’s no substitute for being prepared.

For more information about birth control options and how your OBGYN can help you make informed choices, please contact us today.

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