At The OBGYN: Macon Women Choose Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pill ContainerWhen deciding what form of birth control Macon women want to use, a variety of issues — health, lifestyle, and family goals — come into play. One of the most popular forms of contraception available remains the birth control pill, although there is more than one kind of pill on the market.

The two primary kinds of birth control pills available are known as combination birth control pills — containing estrogen and progestin — and the “minipill,” which only contains progestin. The combination pills are designed with a variety of active and inactive pills, with the numbers varying depending upon how often a woman wishes to have her period. Typically combination pill packages have 21 active pills, and seven that are inactive; a woman’s period will take place during the time when she’s taking the inactive pills. Another kind of combination birth control pill is called the “continuous dosing” or “extended cycle” variety, which is administered with 84 active pills and 7 that are inactive. This extends a woman’s infertile period considerably.

The “minipill,” which merely contains progestin, focuses less on suppressing ovulation (which is accomplished with the estrogen in the combination pills) instead preventing pregnancy by thickening mucus in the cervix and thinning the endometrium — physically preventing sperm from be able to reach the egg.

Both the minipill and the combination birth control pills are good options for many women who wish to control when they become pregnant, but there are certain women who should not take one or both, depending upon their medical history and current health. To learn more about your birth control options, and to discover the OBGYN care and gynecology Macon women have grown to trust, please contact us for an initial appointment.

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