How Long Does a Robotic Hysterectomy Take

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. – Robotic-assisted hysterectomy takes significantly more operating room time and surgical time compared with a laparoscopic approach, according to the first study to actually look at, confirming what many already suspect about these two minimally invasive techniques.

Researchers found no significant differences between pain scores or the time for these women to return to activities,the weight of the womb removed, hospital length of stay, and rates of short- or long-term complications,

“Robotic assistance results in longer ( operating room ) OR times,” Dr. Marie Fidela Paraiso said at the meeting.

The study showed the time in the operating room was over 4 hours (246 minutes) in the robotic group versus almost 3 hours(172 minutes) in the laparoscopic patients.

“There were no differences in intraoperative or postoperative complications between groups,” Dr. Paraiso said and similarly for estimated blood loss

There are currently no trials in the gynecologic literature comparing robotic versus conventional hysterectomy, that is your usual hysterectomy

The study included adult women mostly age 45 who had hysterectomy for a non cancerous condition and who desired laparoscopic management. All surgeons performed a minimum of ten robotic-assisted hysterectomies prior to the study, Dr. Paraiso said.

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