Teen Sex: Why Talking With Your OBGYN Might Be The Best Choice

For many teenagers, talking about teen sex with their parents simply isn’t an option; whether it’s out of fear of reprisal, some degree of shame, or just a desire to maintain privacy, many choose talking with their OBGYN instead — and that’s a good thing.teen at obgyn

Your doctor has a few things going for her; for example, unlike your parents, she’s truly seen it all. Her professional life has been devoted to answering often difficult medical questions for patients, and she’s become an expert in all sorts of health and wellness issues you might want to ask about. What’s more, your doctor respects your desire for privacy, and thanks to the relationship between doctor and patient, your wellbeing is her first priority.

It may not seem like something you want to tell anyone, even a doctor, but if you’re having teen sex, it’s important that she know. It’s the only way she can offer the right guidance and medical advice so you can make safe, healthy decisions about your body — and the only way she’ll know to ensure you have good information about topics such as birth control, pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and even the basics of how your body functions as you mature.

It’s important to ask any questions you might have, even if they seem trivial — and even if you feel you might be embarrassed to ask them. Your doctor’s office is the most non-judgmental environment you’ll ever set foot in, so you should take advantage of it to its fullest.

Finally, the most important tip we can offer is to be completely, often brutally honest with your doctor. Without all the facts, she can’t help you stay healthy. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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