Tips From The OBGYN: Macon Women Ask, Can I Travel During Pregnancy?

OBGYNE0401As school gets out and summer starts to wind up, a lot of people are planning their trips — not just for vacations, but for family visits (and many are getting a jump on bargain travel purchases for the holidays, too). At the OBGYN, Warner Robins women often ask whether it’s safe for them to travel during their pregnancy. The short answer: it depends.

Early in a woman’s pregnancy, there aren’t any real restrictions on travel — that includes planes, trains, and car travel, although if you’ve got a pack mule expedition planned we might encourage you to postpone. But take it from the OBGYN Lizella women have listened to for years: later in your pregnancy, scale back your expectations.

For women who are having a pregnancy free from mitigating factors such as age or health and have no complications, there should be no problems with travel up to 32 weeks; after that, the higher incidence of early labor alone should give you cause enough to stay close to your favorite hospital. Beyond that, there are many holiday excursions that restrict pregnant travelers — the Disney Cruise Line comes to mind, as they refuse pregnant travelers who are more than 24 weeks along.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing inherently dangerous to a pregnancy about flying or driving — the minor movements or changes in relative elevation aren’t significant enough to affect things. More important is how far flights and long drives can put you from the place you need to be when labor starts!

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